National Students Conference Resolutions


National Students Conference Resolutions

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Resolution 1: Give 15% Reservation to the Minorities

National Students Conference urges the Central Government to accept the recommendation of Ranganathan Misra Commission to introduce 15% reservation for the minority communities in the field of education and labour. The conference also demands that in this 15% reservation 10 % to be given to Muslims and 5 % to other backward communities as Muslims lag behind even Dalits in literacy and education.

The country will never attain progress without the development of the backward and minority communities especially Muslims, who constitute 14% of Indian population. Muslims who became backward due to historical reasons should be given reservation not as minority community but as backward people.

The complaisance and nonchalance of constitutional arms to the matter of reservation should be questioned. The decision to grant reservation for the economically backward sections of forward communities and to restrict reservation 50% is against the spirit of constitution.

The conference also appeals to the government to enact laws to give adequate representation to the backward classes and the minorities in private sector undertakings as they mostly depend upon public sector financial institutions and take benefits of the sops given by the government

Resolution 2: Deplore Commercialization of Education

National Students Conference express great concern at the commercialization in education which is denying access to the poor and the deprived for education The profit motive has become the single most important criterion for the establishment of kindergartens to post graduate institutions. It has affected the quality of education as only the rich get opportunity for the educational advancement.

This Conference deplores this tendency and urges the government to effectively