National Campaign for Muslim Reservation formally launched at Pune.

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010
Pune Launching
Pune: The National Campaign for Muslim Reservation was formally launched on 31/1/2010 at Mahatma Phule Ground, Pune in a Grand Public meeting. The public meeting was the first of the various programme that will be organised throughout the country as part of the National campaign for Muslim reservation.

Mr Syed Shahabuddin (Ex-M.P) formally inaugurated the campaign. In his inaugural speech Mr Shahabuddin stated that “reservation for Muslims and other backward sections is not a favour but a democratic fundamental right. The argument raised by certain groups against reservation for Muslims are baseless and against the spirit of constitution. Muslims are eligible for reservation because of their relative backwardness and not because of their religious faith”. He also pointed out that 50% ceiling on total reservation put by the Supreme Court is not irrevocable and can be changed.

The presidential address was delivered by Mr E. M. Abdur Rahiman, Chairman, Popular Front of India. He started his discourse praising the historical importance of Pune city as the place where Mahatama Phule began the social revolution of the depressed classes & Dr. Ambedkar signed the Pune Pact. He stated that “Popular Front has undertaken the task of campaigning for the Muslim Reservation as part of its agenda of Total Empowerment of the marginalised sections of the country. Sachar Committee has rightly diagnosed the problem of Muslim community and Mishra commission has prescribed the remedy. Sachar Committee has convinced the nation that the Muslims are most backward & Mishra commission recommended reservation in education & employment to all Muslims. Hence it is not merely a Muslim cause but the nation’s responsibility to deliver justice to Muslims”. He called upon the secular forces and political fronts to take a principal stand on the issue. However he urged all the Muslims not to wait further for the mercy from others, but to start striving themselves. ( FULL Speech “Chairman’s Presidential Speech at Pune.doc”)

Mr. Suresh Khairnar, National Convener, National Secular Forum said that a country cannot develop until the development is uniform and covers all sections of the society. Moulana Usman Baig, President, All India Imams Council, called upon the Ulemas to stop fighting over trivial issues and play a leading role in empowering the community.

The Popular Front State Adhoc Committee for Maharashtra was declared by the Chairman of Popular Front. Mr Sadiq Qureshi was announced as State President and Mr. Mohammad Sajid as the General Secretary.

The other guests present in the programme were Mr. Ya Mohideen (National Executive Council Member, Popular Front of India), Mr. Subhash Ware (Socialist Front), Moulana Razeen Ashraf (All India Imams Council, President, Maharashtra state), Mr Manzoor Ali Khan (President, Muslim Aarakshan Sangharsh Samiti, Rajasthan State), Mr Abdul Hannan (General Secretary, SDPI, Karnataka State).

Mr Sadiq Qurieshi delivered the welcome speech and the programme concluded with the vote of thanks by Mr Sajid Qureshi.


Resolution adopted by the Grand Inaugural Public Meeting of Popular Front National Campaign for Muslim Reservation held at Mahatma Phule Ground, Pune, Maharashtra on 31 January 2010.

The constitution of India upholds justice without any discrimination based on caste, creed, religion language or culture as a fundamental right of all citizens and classes of citizens. Still our constitution stipulates positive discrimination in favour of disadvantaged classes vide Articles 15(4) and 16(4). The State can take special measures for the uplift of socially and educationally backward classes and provide reservation to weaker sections in government services. This right to reservation is not limited to any particular religion or community, but open to all classes irrespective of caste or creed who are relatively weaker and socially and educationally backward. The relative backwardness of a class for providing reservation is generally determined in the light of official study or survey reports.

The report submitted by Justice Sachar Committee appointed by the Prime Minister of India has concluded that in respect of the representation in education and government employment, Muslims as a class of people throughout India is as backward as Scheduled castes and more backward than the Hindu Backward communities. Subsequently, the report of the Justice Ranganath Misra Commission tabled recently in the parliament recommended reservation to all Muslims of all states in education and government employment. The Misra Commission report also suggests quota for OBC Muslims within the existing OBC reservation quota. It also recommends removing the religious qualification from the Presidential Order which governs the Schedule Castes reservation.

In the light of the facts stated above, this Grand Inaugural Public Meeting of the National Campaign for Muslim Reservation called by Popular Front of India resolves that:

1. All Muslims must be declared as a socially and educationally backward class for the purpose of admissions in educational institutions and employment in government and public sector services by the Central and State Governments and 10% reservation must be earmarked for them.

2. A separated quota of 6% must be earmarked for those Muslim groups who are already in the OBC list out of existing 27% OBC reservation quota.

3. All Muslim and Christian groups who are identified as occupationally on par with Hindu Scheduled castes must be included in the list of scheduled castes and additional reservation quota must be earmarked for them over and above the existing scheduled castes quota.

4. The parliament must enact a legislation to overcome the Supreme Court ruling that total reservation should not exceed 50%.

5. As a measure to put an end to the conflicting claims of different communities regarding their population strength and status, caste details of each household also must be recorded in the forthcoming Census due in 2011.

6. The constitution of India must be amended so as to stipulate ‘representation in proportion to the population strength’ as an explanation to the term ‘adequate representation’ envisaged in the constitution under Part III Fundamental Rights.

7. All political parties who claims to be secular and for minorities are asked to declare their principled stand on the issue of giving reservation to all Muslims all over India.

8. All depressed classes including tribals, dalits, backward castes and minorities are request to build better social coalition in order to achieve social justice and adequate representation.

9. All Muslim organizations, institutions and community leaders at all levels are called upon to raise a consensus voice and strive together for achieving the objective of Muslim Reservation.

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