Promise to People


The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has provisionally attached the bank accounts belonging to the Popular Front of India. This new move by ED is part of the ongoing repressive steps taken against the organization by the RSS controlled BJP government since 2014.

The Enforcement Directorate which is authorised by the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), instead of functioning as an independent financial probe agency, is acting as the political tool of RSS and BJP by selectively targeting religious minority sections, people’s movements, NGOs, human rights organisations, opposition parties, media establishments, and any democratic voices in the country that are critical of the ruling BJP and the RSS agenda.

The bank deposits to the Popular Front accounts mentioned by the ED during the past 13 years are nothing but normal for the functioning of a nationwide social movement like Popular Front. And the amount includes the deposits done during the public collection drives for different calamities relief and community development activities to date. The stated figures are not great discoveries by the ED as we have been regularly filing our income and expenditure details to the authorities.

ED ‘revelations’ like about 60 lakh balance in our accounts and 69 crore deposits so far are meant for nothing but sensationalising issues to tarnish the image of the organisation. In this context, it is interesting to note that in 2020 the media by quoting ED sources flashed that 120 crores were collected by Popular Front. In fact, the current statement of 60 crores proves the earlier claim as fake. We are sure that the people would not get deceived by the new allegations also.

The Popular Front is neither the first nor will be the last target of the present government. Earlier the bank accounts of renowned NGOs like Amnesty International and Green Peace were also frozen in the same manner by the BJP Government. ED is being misused by BJP to suppress all oppositions including political leaders; they have presently summoned topmost leaders of the Congress party and jailed even state ministers belonging to other non-BJP parties. Now the ridiculous political trend in the country is that corrupt politicians from all parties are joining the BJP to save their tainted wealth, fearing the ED vendetta. The corruption and black money dealings of BJP leaders to the tune of hundreds of crores are hardly a matter of concern for ED. Hence the action against Popular Front is not be seen in isolation.

Popular Front is a democratically and legally working organisation for the empowerment of deprived sections, particularly the most marginalised and excluded Muslim community. Because of this very reason, it has already won the trust of millions of people across the country, who help the organization with their donations as well. By attaching our bank accounts, the govt cannot intimidate either the organisation or the people who are keeping us close to their hearts.

Though the Popular front is not the only target, the fact remains that we are the prime target. It is because of the uncompromising stand the Popular Front has taken against the sectarian ideology and divisive policies of RSS and BJP. We are opposed to them because they are fanatic fascist forces opposed to all religious minorities, all democratic sections, all Indians except them and against the very idea of our republic and the very foundations of the Indian constitution. Since Popular Front cannot step back from our opposition to the evil designs of the RSS, we are sure the BJP govt will also continue its repressive agenda against us.

But the opponents have failed to understand that Popular Front is not the symbol of emotional outbursts or casual reactions. It is an ideological movement founded upon fearing none except the only One God of the universe.

Hence this is our promise to the people that we will continue to stand steadfast in the path of truth and justice as before and we will not bow down before any acts of intimidation by any forces, however strong they might be. We appeal to all people to be with us in this struggle for your assaulted dignity, security and justice.

By the will of God, all evil designs will ultimately fail; only the Divine plan will triumph.

Popular Front of India