Muslim Reservation: Great Beginning for Popular Front Campaign in Kerala

Saturday, February 6th, 2010
Muslim Reservation

Changanasseri: Publicity program related to National Campaign for Muslim Reservation began in Changanasseri in a great way. Rally just befiore the public convention was a warning to the people with anti-reservation mindset. Popularfront of India state President Nasarudeen urged to take caste wise statistics of government employees and reallocate undue share enjoyed by Nair society in government employment.

Nasarudeen also added “We do not hesitate to say we don’t need Reservation”. But the government should give all the constitutional rights guaranteed to the backward section of the society.

Whenever minority sections raised their voice for reservation, leaders of forward classes raised objection. Congress and CPM pretended to take the responsibility to protect minority rights made minority community status in the state worst as seen today.

Compared to Dalits, Muslims’ status in Bengal is worse where CPM ruled for last 30 years. Paloli Muhammed Kutty and M.M Hasan who became the leaders due to favors of Muslim community did not raise their voice on reservation yet.

He also added “the time has exceeded for the backward community to break the chains of slavery they bought from each political party”.

“Reservation is the birth right and will not allow anybody to snatch it” SDPI State Secretary Mr. M.K Manoj Kumar told by inaugurating the state wide campaign.

Caste wise Reservation was implemented in British India and lord’s of forward community opposed those moves.

Advocate Pookunju (General Secretary Jamaath Council) Prof. T.B Vijayakumar (President Ezhuthachchan Samajam), K.H Naser, K.A Hasan, K. Ali, Jabbar and Shajahan spoke on the convention.

The rally started near Puthur Masjid ended at Muncipal junction. Popularfront of India District Secretary C.H Nisar moulavi, Shameer Erattupetta. Shameer Changanasseri, Abdul Wahab, K.K Abdul Naser (Division Presidents) led the rally

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