Popular Front Central Secretariat condemns police conspiracy against organisation in Uttar Pradesh ; Demands immediate release of arrested activists

The Central Secretariat meeting of Popular Front of India has condemned the ongoing conspiracy of the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh against the organisation by falsely implicating its associates in the incidents connected with people’s protests against CAA and NRC. State ad-hoc committee convener Wasim Ahmed and members Qari Ashfaqu and Mohammed Nadeem who were arrested earlier from Lucknow are now alleged with serious charges and being depicted before media as masterminds behind violence. Two of them were seen brought before the media by police after covering the face to create a terror background to the whole episode. This police action in fact seems to be a follow up of the baseless allegation leveled by state Deputy Chief Minister that Popular Front is behind all untoward incidents. The Central Secretariat demanded the state government to stop political vendetta, withdraw all false charges and immediately release the arrested leaders.

Perturbed by the popular anger against anti-people policies of the central government, BJP ruled state governments are using inhuman violence and other oppressive measures to deter people’s agitations. The arrests are part of a vicious conspiracy to tarnish and suppress the ongoing mass agitations portraying them as some sort of terrorist acts. People joined hands regardless of all their differences and came out in large numbers across the country against openly discriminatory and divisive CAA and the plan for nationwide NRC. Only in BJP ruled state they were met with brute force by police. Nearly 18 people including an 8 year old child have died, most of them from police gunshots, in Uttar Pradesh alone. Such large scale police violence on innocent people has never been witnessed before. Videos and other evidences surfaced from the state show that police was in the forefront of the vandalism and they used indiscriminate violence against peaceful protestors. And now in order to divert public attention they are fixing on innocents.

The statement vowed to fight the fanatic UP government tactics through democratic and legal means. The meeting also appealed to people of all sections to raise their voice against the suppression of the democratic protests and illegal arrests of innocent people in BJP ruled states, particularly in UP.