Mangalore: Popular Front urges for state government intervention

Mangalore: Popular Front of India, D.K district has urged for the intervention of state government as the Manglaore police has totally failed to control law and order situation in the city after clashes in Ulaibettu. The organization also alleged that police were bias against Minorities while they deal with Ulaibettu issue.

Speaking at the press conference held at Mangalore, Ataullah Jokatte, president of Popular Front of India, D.K district said that police had failed to control clashes and give protection for Minorities.

He condemned Ulaibettu incident and said the clashes erupted when a group of dattamal devotees who were traveling by a tempo taxi and two bikes started raising derogatory slogans against Muslims and threw a stone on a shop belongs to a person from minority community.

Speaking about discriminatory action of police he said police raided 18 houses of Minorities breaking the doors while sangh parivar attacked 6 houses of Muslims. Police refused to register a FIR filed by a woman in connection with assault on them.
He said there was also a FIR against six local hindutva leaders in connection with attack on a police during a protest at Ulaibettu. However they are not arrested and roaming freely. These goondas were, even, invited for peace meet held at Commissioner’s office, Mangalore recently.
Popular Front district committee members Abdul Majeed, Mohammad Haneef, Abubakkar Vamanjur, Abdul Khader were present at the press conference.

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