Mangalore: Popular Front boycotts peace meet in commissioner’s office, condemns police bias

Mangalore: Popular Front of India, Imams Council, Social Democratic Party of India and other some Muslim organizations have boycotted the Peace Meet held by district administration at Police Commissioner’s office, Mangalore, sighting that there is no one in the meeting to hear the grievance of Muslims as the people representatives were not invited to it and police were completely bias against Muslim community during the riots.

Popular Front of India district president Ataullah Jokatte said police had inflicted atrocity on Muslims after the riots and there was not presence of people’s representatives in the meeting. Then whom should we express our grievance with.

“Police were bias with Muslims during the riots. They randomly targeted the Houses of Muslims after the riots and arrested innocent Muslim youths after breaking the doors of 18 houses. Even culprits of the riots, like Hindutva goondas Sathyajith Surathkal, Sharan Pumpwel, were present in the meeting”, he said.

SDPI district president Nawaz Ullal, Imams council leader Jafar Sadiq Faizi and others get out of the meeting marking their boycott.

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