Duplicity of the BJP is again exposed

DELHI: 08 Dec 2014 : BJP’s leaders and their associated outfits are known for their hate speeches for polarizing India and to get easy votes out of it and it is the very working model of the BJP, On one hand our PM ,Mr .Modi speaks about development and gracious words like “sabka saath sabka vikas” and on the other hand there is planned field work to grab votes by any means including spread of communal hatred. Mr. Afsar Pasha General Secretary, Social Democratic Party of India, in a press statement upheld the fact that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is trying to play card of unity in words and card of rift in practice.

The recent ongoing in the Winter Session of Parliament with regards to the hate speech given by Union minister Niranjan Jyoti’s abusive remarks at a rally in Delhi “Ramzade Vs Haramzade” is an ideal example for the politics practiced by BJP, she is considered as crowd puller and votes dragger for the BJP.

When all the opposition political parties raised this issue in the Lok Sabha , Rajya Sabha and demanded to sack her from authority , for going against our constitution our Prime mister said ” when the minister has apologized , it is like a message, that in the future, we too, all people, should not break any norms on do’s and don’ts and I will urge this House to resume its work for the welfare of the nation.”, SDPI demands to sack her from authority because forgiving such hatemonger’s and continuing with the same kind of politics is not good for our country, and the PM must know that the welfare of our nation rests in practicing the constitution and following the law, but not in hallow words.

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