Popular Front condemns attacks against civilians

A resolution passed by National Secretariat meeting of Popular Front of India held at Calicut has strongly condemned all kinds of indiscriminate violence against innocent civilians by NATO forces and groups like ISIS, and condoled the death of hundreds of innocents in the recent attacks. The method used by colonial powers as well as those of so called resistance are against basic rules of international covenants for human rights. Such attacks are actually undermining the ongoing democratic struggles of Syrian people against the tyranny of Basharal Assad.
Another resolution by the meeting welcomed the democratization of the Myanmar, but cast doubts over the effectiveness of the democracy while minorities in the country still remain disenfranchised. Although the authorities allowed observers and international journalists to cover and monitor elections, hundreds of thousands of minority ethnic groups in Myanmar, including Rohingya Muslims were prevented from voting. Such an election does not qualify to be called fair or meaningful. Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of National League for Democracy which won the election, which even had Rohingya members in the past, now even denies the very existence of Rohingyas as citizens of Burma. Democracy in Myanmar will be meaningless unless and until security and the fundamental rights of the minorities and ethnic groups are restored.
In another resolution, meeting criticised the attempt of fascist groups in South India to communalise the history of Tippu Sultan. History suggests that Tippu Sultan was a secular ruler and valiant fighter against foreign occupation. But communal forces, in their desperate attempt to polarise people, are vilifying and presenting him as fanatic. The meeting called on the authorities to control such forces and prevent them from misusing historic figures for political gains.

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