Popular Front denounces Bhopal encounter killings


Popular Front of India in a statement issued by the Central Secretariat has denounced the Bhopal encounter killings and demanded a judicial enquiry to remove the mysteries that cover the incident by bringing light the real facts.  


“We reiterate our consistent stand which is based on principles of civil rights, that encounter killings are not justifiable under any circumstances.  Though the full details are still awaited, the police version contains many loopholes and contradictions.” – The statement said.   

The Central Secretariat reminded that on many previous occasions, such encounter killings were proved to be stage managed and fake. It is disturbing that the trend of group encounter killings of the accused is being repeated at intervals particularly targeting those who belong to Tribals and Muslims. Popular Front called upon the civil society to oppose all extra judicial killings so that the public faith in our democratic system and rule of law is not lost. 

Chairman K. M.  Shareef presided over the meeting. The participants included Vice Chairman E.M. Abdul Rahiman and General Secretary M Mohammed Ali Jinnah.  


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M Mohammed Ali Jinnah

General Secretary

Popular Front of India 

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