Popular Front visits Madarsa Jamia Faridia Begampur

New Delhi: A delegation of Popular Front of India met with Moulana Mohammad Ali Jouhar Ameeni, the teacher of lynched child Mohammad Azeem (8) at his madarsa Jamia Fareedia, Begampur and offered to expand any kind of legal support after listening the details of the incident. State President Parvez Ahmed said that they strongly condemn the incident. He also expressed his concern over growing incidents of lynching in Delhi and demanded to conduct fair investigation and to take severe action all those who are involved in this case. He said , “we appeal all the citizens of Delhi to come forward to prevent this kind of lynching cases. State secretary Mohammad Ilias, K.P. Kamal (Office Manager, Headquarters, Popular Front), Delhi state committee members Abdlul Muqeet, Danish Khan and Sameer Khan and Sameer Ahmed were in the delegation.

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