Popular Front condemns casteist atrocities on Dalits

Popular Front of India Chairman KM Shareef has strongly condemned the inhuman atrocities being committed against Dalits in various parts of the country. The appalling incident in which Dalit babies were burned alive in Haryana shows that caste hatred does not spare even children from their brutalities.
This is not the first incident of the sort and not likely to be the last either. It was a few weeks back that a 90-year-old Dalit man was burned alive for trying to enter a Hindu temple in Uttar Pradesh. A Dalit youth in Maharashtra was beaten to death for setting an Ambedkar song as his ringtone. If people of upper caste still feel impunity to kill their fellow human beings belonging to lower castes, it proves that not only we could not eradicate social inequality from our country but we have even failed to ensure the fundamental right to security to the poor people.
KM Shareef also condemned union minister VK Singh’s remarks which compared the incident with hitting dogs with stones. The highly sectarian and inflammatory language being spoken by those sitting at the centres of power in Modi government has emboldened the fanatic elements everywhere in the country to commit such atrocities against Dalits and religious minorities.
He called on people of all sections to unite against this fascist casteist menace that is threatening the integrity of the country and security of its citizens.

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