Popular Front extends support to personal law campaign

Popular Front of India chairman K M Shareef has appealed to all Muslims groups as well as secular sections to support the steps taken by All India Muslim Personal Law Board for averting the implementation of Uniform Civil Code. He has extended full support to the decision of AIMLB to boycott the opinion survey announced by Law Commission of India.
The signature campaign launched by AIMPLB among Muslim men and women demanding to protect Islamic laws and to stop moves for UCC deserves the support of whole community. Also he requested the AIMLB to reach out to the people all over the country in order to explain the beauty of Islamic laws and to expose the false propagandas and allegations against Islam and Muslims through appropriate steps.
K M Shareef also stated that the way some central ministers and ruling party leaders have reacted to the decision of AIMPLB to ignore Law Commission survey, further adds to the worries of Muslim community. Their allegation that AIMLB unnecessarily politicized the issue and dragged the central government and the prime minister into it can only be seen as a covert attempt to misinterpret a religious concern of Muslims for political and communal polarization. He stated that the tone of intimidation contained in those statements was unwanted of a democratic government and its ministers.

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