Popular Front of India demonstrates its strength in Bangalore

Bangalore, 15 Oct 2017: Popular Front State General Secretary Yasser Hassan, while delivering his welcome address to the gathering at the Grand Conference held at Palace Ground Bengaluru, highlighted that today’s grand conference is entitled as Gauri Lankesh Vedike, for it was the same stage, same venue that Gauri Lankesh had delivered her bold address and raised voice against the fascist forces in the country.

Yasser said, Popular Front has been struggling for the development of minorities, dalits and all backward and oppressed classes and believes that Ambedkar’s Constitution will surely be sufficient to deliver solutions to all problems of Indian citizenry. The fascist forces which are in power do not ever tolerate any struggle or movement which is carried out in a constitutional way. Yasser while addressing the Modi led central government said, the entire country is against you, every peace loving citizen of India is against you for your anti-people policies, rampant corruption, brutal murders of rationalists, rising unemployment, declining economy and wrong decisions. Citing the desperate attempts by the union government to tarnish the image of Popular Front and stifle its activities, Yasser warned the Modi led BJP government at the centre to stop its day-dreaming. Yasser reiterated that Popular Front will continue to carry out massive awareness drives in nook and corner of the country to ensure that they all come to know who the real enemy of the country is.

Popular Front of India Chairman E. Abubacker in his address to the massive gathering of over 1 lakh public participating from different parts of the state said, Sangh Parivar is contemplating a ban on Popular Front because, thanks to the organization they are facing difficulties in carrying out their evil tasks bloodshed in Coastal areas. Earlier the Sanghi goons used to execute brutal murders and move on easily, but now Popular Front’s awareness drives and education to the masses, particularly Muslims and Dalits, have strengthened them all leading to obstructions to the nefarious plans of the communal elements. Referring to the desperate attempts to stifle the activities of the Popular Front by the Modi led BJP government at the Centre, he said, these fascist forces are only continuing the ongoing Islamophobia and the attack on Popular Front is one such case. He cited a recent statement by former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, wherein he reportedly said, ISIS is a tool of United States of America. Abubacker slammed the Modi Government for its foul-up decisions like demonetization, the unbridled suicides of farmers, unrestrained price hikes on all fronts and rising unemployment. He said the central government is only seen trying to cover up its utter failures by setting up the subjects by talking about nationalism and anti-nationalism. Referring to the indigenous terror attacks Malegaon blast, Samjhauta blast, Makkah Masjid blast, Ajmer Dargah blast, etc., Abubacker said, thanks to Shaheed Hemant Karkare the involvement of Hindutwa terrorists was exposed, else every now and then the terror activities were planned and executed by the saffron terrorists and were blamed on innocent Muslims pushing them in jails for years. He further said, it was the NIA which had tried to persuade Rohini Salian to go soft on Hindutwa terror accused and that as per her statement the investigative agency acted like a shield to accused in Malegan blast case. Now with the power at the Centre, all these alleged terrorists are being brought out of jails, he said.

E. Abuacker paid tribute to late Gauri Lankesh and said that the sacrifice of Gauri will not go in vein. Many are on the path of sacrifice and will continue her struggle towards freedom and justice. Talking about the organization Popular Front he said, though it is a Muslim organization but it works above the religious lines and beyond varied beliefs and faiths. It has the chemistry of enjoining organizations and people from all walks of life.

On patriotism, E.Abubacker said, Popular Front is born patriotic, and we don’t need lessons of patriotism from RSS. He said, the RSS which has not sacrificed even a nail in the freedom struggle are questioning our love for land.

On allegations made by NIA in its dossier against Popular Front, the organization chairman said, we did not respond to their allegations but the society has. The government agencies like NIA are being misused to hunt all those who raise voice against the anti-people policies of the government. With regards to the governance by the Modi Government, E.Abubacker said, “Yeh Looteri Sarkar Hai” and that the people are fed-up with them by all means. He ridiculed the Ache Din promise made by the then PM candidate Modi prior to elections and said “We don’t want Ache Din, give us back our Bad Days.”

E Abubacker appealed to all the peace loving citizens, socio-political leaders with secular credentials to join hands with so that the fight against the fascists be strengthened.

Former Prime Minister H.D Devegowda, Former Union Minister and Congress leader Oscar Fernandes and Ameer e Shariyat Moulana Sagheer Ahmed Rashadi could not make to the grand conference citing pressing engagements and had communicated to the Popular Front leadership their messages which were read out in the conference.

Many prominent dignitaries too delivered their addressed. Some of the dignitaries on dais were, Poplar Front Former Chairman K.M Shareef, Writer and theatre activist Yogesh Master, All India Muslim Personal Law Secretary Moulana Mohammed Umrain, Gnyana Prakash Swamiji of Urilinga Peddi Math Mysore, Karnataka State Minority Commission Chairman Naseer Ahmed, Former Minister and Rights Activist B.T Lalitha Nayak, Former legislature A.K Subbayya, Bahujan Samaj Party State President N. Mahesh, prominent scholar from Bangalore Moulana Masood Imran, Popular Front Kerala State President Nasruddin Elamaram, National Womens Front National Gen Secretary Lubna Siraj, Dalit Swabhimani Vedike State Convenor R. Bhaskar Prasad, BBMP Corporator Mujahid Pasha, SDPI Karnataka State President Abdul Hannan and others.

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