Stop Politics of Hate conclusion program Kerala

The Kerala State finale of the month long Popular Front campaign “Stop, Politics of Hate” took place here in the historic city of Kozhikode with a grand public meeting preceded by volunteer march and a massive public rally.
Zakkiya Jafri, the widow of Ihsan Jafri who was brutally mutilated and killed by the Sangh Parivar terrorists in Gujarat in 2002 was the chief guest of the event.
Popular Front Vice-Chairman E.M. Abdul Rahiman inaugurated the grand meeting that started at 5:00 pm at the Kozhikode beach. He called on to come forward to strengthen the politics that keeps fear at bay. It could be achieved, only when each one is prepared to shrug off the politics of fear from his shoulders, he continued. During a gruesome time of those at the helm of the politics of hate are endeavoring to appropriate Kunhali Marakkar and the Zamorins, and misguide the Kerala people by vaunting their tradition, we should be very vigilant against them. The Sangh Parivar that leads the politics of hate in India, in fact, is trying to reinstitute the exploitative agenda of the invaders like Vasco De Gama et al. They had been exploiting by dividing a society that had been living with unity and amity, for the sake of their power and business. The Portuguese were keeping the Hindus on the opposite side of Muslims by turning the Zamorins against Kunhali Marakkar. The Hindutwa political forces under the leadership of Mohan Bhagwat and Narendra Modi are repeating the same tactic by instigating Hindus against Muslims across India. Politics of hate belongs to the predator. It permeates to the preys as the politics of fear. What is grievously scaring than generation of fear is that Dalits and Muslims are turning out to be the salves of fear at various level and state. It is not the common mass, but their leaders and the leaders of their movements that have become subservient to fear and apologetic mindset. Criminal silence, more over the obsequious stand among them of kneeling when asked to bow is on the rise. Sangh Parivar is giving the message that it would not allow not only the people’s resistance but would not also tolerate propagation of ideology as in the case of Zakir Naik and freedom to eat as seen in the beef issue. When the communal fascism establishes the dichotomy of schism such as Soofi Islam, Salafi Islam, moderate Islam, extremist Islam, etc., amongst the community; those who undertake it, is becoming the tool of dividing the community further. Spreading fear along with slackness from the leadership to the lower stratum would only help in closing all the means of community empowerment. The politics of hate cannot be ended without bringing out the oppressed class, especially the Muslims, from plunging further into this ravine; and empower them to a dignified, proud and fearless lot. Popular Front is an organization travelling ahead of the society and the period it passes through. It is its integrity to identify and courageously take on the challenges of the period; and to fight against the reactionary forces that make it different from other organizations, he said.
Popular Front Kerala State President C. Abdul Hameed presided over. Mufti Syed Bashir Arshad, member of All India Muslim Personal Board and member of All India Milli Council working committee; Zakkiya Jafri, the widow of Ihasan Jafri, former Congress MP, who was brutally murdered by the fascists in the 2002 Gujarat genocide; prominent political analysis expert, human rights activist and writer Dr. Anand Teltumbde, famous Kannada writer under the Hindutwa fascist death threat, Yogesh Master; P.C George MLA who won to the Kerala Legislative Assembly by running roughshod over the left-right and NDA fronts; Popular Front founder Chairman, E. Abubaker; SDPI National President, A. Saeed; Popular Front National General Secretary Muhammad Ali Jinnah; All India Imams Council Kerala State President Muhammad Eisa Fadil Mambaee; social-human rights activists A.Vasu and Roopesh Kumar, et al spoke on the occasion.
Dr. Anand Teltumbde released the book “Asahishnutha Naadu Vaazhumpol” (When Intolerance Rules the Country) published by Thejas Publications, by handing a copy to A. Vasu.
Popular Front Kerala State General Secretary welcomed the gathering and, Secretary B. Noushad proposed the vote of thanks.
A concert, and a drama “Oru Kappal Vijaya Gaatha” (A Ballad of Victorious Ship) by Mpower theaters, Kozhikode followed the public meeting.

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