Feeling Proud of the Massive Protest in Kerala against Fascism– Zakkiya Jafri

Mrs. Zakkiya Jafri, widow of the former Congress MP Ihsan Jafri who was brutally slain by the Hindutwa fascists in the 2002 Gujarat genocide said that she was feeling proud of the massive protest taking place in Kerala against fascism. Those who came to power in the name of development are endeavoring to grow hatred and rancor in the country, she said.
She was the chief guest in the grand public meeting held as part of the state-level concluding session of the month long nation-wide campaign “Stop Politics of Hate” held by Popular Front of India.
It was with the support and cooperation of the government and the police that the genocide on 28th February 2002 was carried out in Gujarat. The perpetrators had Trishool and other weapons; and food items like biscuit and drinking water with them. It is the proof of their pre-planning of the violence. There is nobody in the locality who didn’t know my husband Ihsan Jafri. He had been MP for 20 years since the Emergency. He contacted Sonia Gandhi, Vajpai, the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, DGP P.C Pande, et al over telephone, when the perpetrators came. Vajpai’s reply was that he was in a meeting. “You are not dead yet?” was the reply of Modi, she said. No political party including Congress came for our rescue and protection. It was the NGOs including Teetsa Settlwad who came to help us, she continued.
Sonia Gandhi who arrived in Gujarat after the genocide didn’t even bother to visit us.
It is a blatant lie that Jafri shot with his gun. The gun he had hadn’t been used for more than ten years. License had not been renewed for five years. These facts were proven in the Supreme Court. DGP who arrived there during the violence had told us to escape in the van that he would arrange. But, Jafri told the DGP that he should save all the victims and he (Jafri) didn’t want to be saved alone leaving others to genocide.
Many of the aggressors left when money was offered and given. It was around 3:00 pm. But, they returned by 5:00 pm and torched the house. I was upstairs after a surgery on my leg.
After sometime, police came and asked whether anybody was alive still. “You are not dead even after all these?” was the reply of the police when we said yes, said Zakkiya.

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