The struggle against politics of hate will only intensify: KM Shareef

New Delhi: The conclusion programme of Popular Front of India’s national campaign “Stop Politics of Hate” was held today at Talkatora stadium, New Delhi. The welcome speech was presented by Mohammed Ali Jinnah, general Secretary of Popular Front of India in which he presented the impact of the campaign throughout the country and also welcomed all the guests. Chairman of Popular Front KM Shareef delivered the presidential address in which highlighted the current situation of the country. He stated “the road to power for the BJP was made easy by the disunity of the secular parties. Since the BJP has come to power it has openly unleashed its true agenda of hate. The silence of the government towards attacks on Muslims, minorities and Dalits confirms their hidden agenda”. He added “Popular Front has always been in the forefront of struggle against fascism and we will continue this struggle. Our struggle against politics of hate will be intensified after the support we have received in this campaign”.
Former Justice of Mumbai High Court BG Kolse Patil stressed the need of unity among all sections to fight against the communalism of RSS. He urged the peace loving citizen’s belongings to all communities not to be a victim of the propaganda campaign by RSS. Senior Congress Leader Mr. Mani Shankar Ayer stated that history is being distorted to suit communal agenda “a wrong image of Muslims is being painted by saffronization of history. The message of equality presented by Islam was wholeheartedly accepted by the people of India in the 8th century but a wrong image of early Muslims is being propagated by the communal forces.”
Presenting the keynote address Anis Ahmed, NEC member of Popular Front stated “This campaign is a continuation of activities carried out since past 2 decades. We are presenting before the country the real threats before the country. The ideology of Hindutva which is being taught in every Shaka of RSS is the reason behind such atrocities in the country. The government should adopt the secular values of our country and treat all citizens as equal”. He also called for the unity of all Muslim, minorities, Dalits, tribals and progressive groups to fight communalism and fascism.
The other speakers present in the programme were Ravi Nair, President SAHRDC, Kamal Farooqui, Ex-Chairman, Delhi Minority Commission, Syed Sarwar Chisti, Gaddi Nasheen Ajmer Dargah, Srinivas Raghavan, President Lok Raj Sangathan party, Waman Misram, President BAMSEF, Navaid Haamid, President Majlis-e-Mushawarat, Yasmin Farooqui, President WIM, Parvez Miyan, President Milli Council Delhi State. The demand charter was presented by Abdul Wahid, Secretary, Popular Front of India. The vote of thanks was presented by Ahmed Parvez, Delhi State President, Popular Front of India.
Mohammed Arif Ahmed
Director of Media and Public Relations

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