Popular Front of India holds Eid Get-together in New Delhi

Popular Front of India organized an Eid get-together programme in New Delhi which was attended by journalist, activists and community leaders.

Abdul Wahid Sait, National secretary of Popular Front, addressed the meeting and introduced the organization. He appealed to the participants to resist the demonization and persecution of minorities, especially Muslim community in the country by fascist forces and a section of media under their control. He said that Popular Front of India too itself is a victim of such attempts to vilify the organization linking it with terrorism or with similar false accusations. He condemned the recent malignant media reports that claim to have accessed “secret report” of NIA which says Popular Front was organizing “Dawa squads” and that the organization was behind the conversion of Dr. Hadiya. The report claims that organization is promoting Love Jihad, another fictitious, anti-Muslim propaganda.

This was followed by an open house discussion on the theme moderated by EM Abdul Rahiman, National Executive Committee member of Popular Front. Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, Chairman of the Delhi Minority committee, TasneemKausar, journalist, Dr. Tasleem Rahmani, media panelist and many others were present in the discussion and they shared their experiences and suggestions about how to counter this effort. The discussion also brought out how media houses were corporatized and vying for TRP irrespective of the truth contained in their reporting.

AS Ismail (North Zone President of Popular Front of India), Parvez Ahmed (Delhi State President of Popular Front) and Adv. Mohammed Yusuf were also present in the programme among others

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