Popular Front chairman conveys Eid greetings

Popular Front of India chairman KM Shareef conveyed happy greetings to all brothers and sisters who celebrate Eid. He stated that Bakra Eid comes with the memories of our great grandfather Prophet Ibrahim who relentlessly stood up to his last breath for the great ideals of One God and One Humanity against forces of tyranny and oppression. His purity of mind, uncompromising loyalty to principles and readiness for sacrifice are the qualities that should be followed in our life.

On this occasion we also have to pray for the less fortunate brothers and sisters across the world who could not celebrate Eid happily and peacefully due to various reasons. It is a matter of introspection for Arab-Muslim countries that why they fail to end conflicts between governments and citizens and also among different militant groups, if the plight of the masses is a real matter of concern for them.

There are reports from different part of India on the eve of this Eid, that communal groups are making life of minorities more difficult and government agencies are making the situation worse. The fight against terrorism is being misused as a tool to deny basic freedom to minorities and terrorize their daily life. The way Islamic scholar and preacher Dr. Zakir Naik is targeted is indicative of the agenda in official stock against forefront individuals, institutions and organizations of Muslim community. In Kashmir, in name of curbing separatism, army atrocities against innocent civilians are on increase.

The so called ‘Gow Rakshaks’ roam free by taking law on their hands in different states, the Haryana incident being the latest example. K M Shareef reminded that it is the duty of the state governments to see that ‘Qurbani’ which is an essential part of this Eid is not interrupted anywhere by communal goons.

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