Movement to Launch Nationwide Campaign for REPEAL OF UAPA

New Delhi: Human rights activists, lawyers, community leaders and the representatives of civil society meeting under the banner of “People’s Movement Against UAPA” decided to launch various programmes for the repeal of the draconian law.

A team would meet the leaders of all political parties in Bihar, prior to the upcoming election, and would impress upon them the need for the repeal of UAPA, which has already put thousands of people in jails on baseless charges.

A delegation would also visit West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi to create the awareness among the politicians about the unconstitutional provisions in the act. A booklet will be published in English and other languages, and conventions and rallies will be organized in various states with the cooperation of different organizations.

Kamal Faruqui, the General Convener of the movement, told the meeting about more rigorous provisions being introduced in the act which will make an innocuous financial help to somebody in jail, a crime under UAPA. It is the time, he said, that the people should raise their voice against UAPA as they had done in the past against TADA and POTA.

Moulana Wali Rahmani, the Chairman of the movement as well as the Acting General Secretary of AIMPLB, who chaired the meeting, stressed the need for united action against the act.

Ravi Nair of SAHRDC, called for the deletion of the Sec.197 of the Cr.P.C., which, he said, gives unnecessary protection to the delinquent officers. . He also added that the Intelligence Bureau should be put under the purview of the parliament to monitor its activities and its expenditure should be reviewed by the CAG.

Jaskaren Singh of Shiromani Akalidal (Amritsar) observed that the ruling dispensation in the country is becoming more anti-minority and anti- poor.

Adv. Ashok Agarwal of Delhi wanted deletion of harsh provisions in the UAPA and make it subject to periodic parliamentary review as it was in the case of previous terror laws.

Meharunnisa Khan of Jaipur said there should be coordinated movement against putting innocent youths in jail for long time.

Waman Meshram of BAMCEF invited the attention of the delegates to the upper-caste domination of the Indian polity. There are more than 131 Dalit MPs. But they rarely protest against the atrocities on Dalits.

Adv. Prashanth Bhushan wanted a People’s Tribunal to document the atrocities under UAPA and strengthening of the toothless Minority Commissions and Human Rights Commissions.

Adv. Mehmood Pracha underlined the need for the political participation of the people and their real representatives coming to the power to stop this kind of draconian laws.

Justice Fakhruddin, E. Aboobacker, Adv. K.P. Muhammed Shareef, Prof. P. Koya and Muhammed Shafi also spoke in the meeting held at India International Centre on Friday.


E. Abubaker

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