Campus Front Bajpe condemns assault on principal by ABVP leader

Mangalore: Campus Front of India, Bajpe division has strongly condemned recent assualt on principal of Mangalore University by ABVP leader Yatheesh after the student election in the college.
Bajpe division president Muhammad Irshad, said in a press statement, that they have shown that how worst culture they have by assualting principal. The goonda leader of the fascist student organization had also thrown very abusive words against the principal bringing a blot on the word student.
“Moreover, ABVP had threatened to college girls to participate in a protest which was held by the organization to condemn women attrocities. They do not have any moral rights to hold protest against women attrocity while they, themselves, are threatening girls to take part in the protest”, he said.
He also urged for the relegation of the goonda student Yatheesh.

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