Zakat – why not giving its due fruits

Zakat is the fourth pillar of Islam. It is obligatory for those who has enough wealth to support the weaker section of society so that equality prevails in the society practically, which Islam literally propagate.
In Qur’an Allah S W T described to whom Zakat will offer.
“Indeed the Zakat collection is for poor, the helpless, those employed for collection, those whose hearts need to be won over the truth, ransoming the captives, helping the destitute who is in dept, in the way of Allah and for the wayfarer. That is a duty enjoined by Allah and Allah is all knowledgeable, all wise”. ( Surah Tauba verse 60)
Poor and helpless people are in very large quantity, we did not able to solve the problem for them. Instead of helping we distribute our Zakat in a manner that this people will become beggar and very next year more people fall in fray. If we pay Zakat like what we practicing nowadays, even 10 times more we pay, but we cannot eradicate poverty from our Ummah. This is against the concept of Zakat. Similarly in other mad we did not care or enquire about what to do? But there is one category, all our intellectual and normal people will distribute the hand sum quantity of Zakat and though most of the people do not know the purpose of Zakat, hence Madrasas getting more share. Due to this, every hook and corner of the country we find Madrasas. People find new way of bluffing Ummah, in the name of Madrasas and these types of peoples were very much indulging in serious maslak problem, as a result our unity becomes a dream. If Ulamas, who is Naib e Rasool, will sincerely trying to unite Ummah than there is no hurdled at all.
If one leg or hand of our body becomes abnormal growth then we can say that man suffers from polio and that man cannot do the normal activity, same in the case of our Ummah. Our Ummah becomes ill and directionless, cannot find the way of prosperity. These eight categories, if we offer Zakat as mention by Allah S.W.T, then there is no doubt that our community gets prosperity. If we want to change the situation, than we have to take some concrete decision.
Allah S.W.T, states in the Qur’an
“The fact is that Allah never changes the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves”. (Surah Raad verse 11)
Zakat is collective responsibility for the Ummah, hence to collect Zakat need to form umbrella body, who is responsible for collecting as well as distributing as per the requirements. At the time of Umar bin Abdul Aziz popularly known as Umar sani, people is searching to whom they can offer Zakat, but nobody left under privilege, all are prosper, although his reign is about 2-1/2 yrs.
If we want to take the advantage of Zakat then we need to change the way of our distribution system. Set the priority and act accordingly than we can see prosperity in our Ummah even in short span of time.

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