Popular front of India Maharashtra condemned Pune Blast

Popular Front of India strongly condemns the terror and cowardly attack done near Faraskhana Police Station, Pune on 11 July in which injured some innocent people of our country.
It has been already proved that terror attacks in our country which was done by the rights wing of Hindutwa mind set group and faced off by late ATS Officer Mr. Hemant Karkare, who while investigating the matter of Malegaon blast was shot dead by some unknown people the cowards, who have to disturb communal harmony and polarization between communities, hence we humbly request media to show sense of responsibility.
Media states that this heinous crime which took place near Faraskhana Police Station Pune, in which some innocent injured people, is said to be done by the IM or LT. How did the media came to know that this act was done by these organizations as the investigation is still going on and real culprits have not been arrested yet, the investigating officers did not comment anything regarding the blast but media has already started blaming some organizations, this could mislead the investigation. We humbly request media and political parties to refrain from misleading common man by giving color to investigation. Media is misleading the public by stating the blast occurred near Dagaduseth Temple instead of Faraskhana Police Station Pune.
These learned journalists do not have any right to target one community unless and until it is proved by the investigating officers as to whom are the real culprits behind this heinous and cowardly act. The investigation ongoing by the concerned department should be fair and clear regarding the blast and the investigating team should not target only one community but scan other organizations as well. The media is in the interest of people of India but it seems that media is only targeting one community since ages and this should be stopped now.

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