Popular Front of India condemns the brutal attack by Israel

The Zionist Israeli regime is carrying out an all out genocide in the Palestinian territory Gaza since July 8. The targeted killing by Israel has killed more than one hundred people and injured more than 600. The UN has stated that around 77 percent killed by the Israeli attack are innocent civilians. Though Israel has stated flimsy reasons for the attack, the real reason seems to be the recent unity government formed by Hamas and Fatah.

More than 25 children were also killed in this brutal massacre and the procedural condemnation from the UN and world nations is not enough to stop the atrocities of Israel. All around the world the people have also turned out in large numbers and have condemned the inhuman act of the Zionist regime. People have also voiced out against the shelling and rocket attacks from Israel.

Popular Front of India, which is in the forefront in the human right struggle, has strongly condemned the recent attack by Israel. Nationwide protests were arranged by the movement on July 11 and 12. In Tamil nadu, the protest was conducted on July 12 in all the districts. The district leaders led the protests and the protest speech marked the atrocities committed by the Israeli forces. The protesters also demanded the Indian Government to strongly condemn the attack and to severe all ties with Israel. The public turned out in large numbers and lodged their protest against Israel and also showed their support for the suffering Palestinians.

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