Popular Front Leaders Meet calls for people’s resistance and broad alliance building against ‘lynch politics’

The National Leaders Meet convened by Popular Front of India today at Malabar House, Malappuram in Kerala called upon the people to resist growing incidents of mob lynching and other atrocities against weaker sections by making best use of all democratic and legal means. The Meet reminded Muslims and Dalits who are the prime victims of communal and casteist onslaughts and the secular civil society at large that building broad alliances at different levels by burying all petty prejudices among them is the timely responsibility bestowed upon them.

The Chairman E Abubacker who presided over the Leaders Meet stated that lynching of human beings by communally frenzied mobs in the name of protecting cow, marks yet another phase of communal fascism in democratic India. While witnessing the past three years of India under RSS controlled BJP government with Narendra Modi as prime minister, mob lynching of Muslims and Dalits has become the new dimension of lawlessness. The way how the 16 year old Hafiz Junaid was brutally killed and thrown out from a running train, while hundreds of fellow citizens remaining mute spectators, was not an isolated happening. As per the data collected and published recently, 28 people were killed in the name gorakhsha, out of which 23 are Muslims. 32 out of the 63 lynching incedents happened in BJP ruled states. He added that the real cause is not love for cows, and the crime is not trading cattle and eating beef, but it is the faith or the caste. It is the state of being a Muslim or a Dalit that makes them deserve lynching. It is the result of nearly a century long divisive and poisonous propaganda of RSS and its open and shadow armies. E Abubacker criticized the central and state governments under BJP for leading India to a civil war and cautioned the prime minister that his constitutional responsibility is not over, by simply uttering some evasive words such as killing people in the name of Cow bhakti is not acceptable and cowardly mentioning the names of Mahatma Gandhi and Baba Saheb Ambedkar occasionally. “Modi ji, please leave Gandhi and Ambedkar, till you are not ready to leave the legacy of Savarkar, Godse, Golwarkar and the like”, he told.

The Meet which was attended by national, zonal and state functionaries and council members of the organisation reviewed the activities during the past six months after the election of new leadership. The General Secretary Mohamed Ali Jinnah presented an analysis of the achievements during the period followed by inputs from state leaders. He noted that what we have achieved during this period as expansion, growth and interventions have exceeded the targets. He mentioned the sacrifices of countless cadres and remembered the martyrs who are our real leaders and role models. While concluding the discussion Mohamed Ali Jinnah urged the delegates to stand steadfast amidst all odds around and be in forefront of the masses, and we can feel their faith and hope in our movement across the country.

In a resolution adopted in the Leaders Meet, Popular Front expressed apprehensions over the reports about the ongoing preparatory work of Ram Mandir and asked the centre and U.P. state government to stop moves against the status quo ordained by the apex court. The Meet sought urgent intervention of Hon’ble Supreme Court and ensuring that the court directions are not violated in the Masjid site. This juncture of the 25th anniversary of the martyrdom of Babri Masjid reminds us the national responsibility of facilitating the rebuilding of the demolished Masjid. Popular Front expressed its concern over the turn of the situation that, now it has made an issue of the deprived Muslim community only. The secular parties have found it convenient to side line the Masjid rebuilding issue, which is a question mark on their very commitment to the secular values.

In another resolution, the Meet expressed the view that the recent visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Israel has ended up in seriously deviating from the traditional Indian stand of supporting the cause of Palestine. The visit also indicates that the sovereignty of India is on the path of complete surrender to the unholy and hegemonic designs of US-Israel vicious combine.

A panel consisting of national functionaries, vice chairman O.M.A. Salam, secretaries Abdul Wahid Sait and Anis Ahamed, treasurer Mohammed Shahabudin and central secretariat members K.M. Shareef and E.M. Abdul Rahiman moderated the discussions.

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