Jharkhand High Court suspending punishment in lynching case unfortunate

A statement issued by the National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India held at Bangalore has expressed dissatisfaction on the Jharkhand High Court ruling that suspended the life sentence and granted bail to 11 of the 12 accused convicted in Alimudhin Ansari lynching Case. Around 30 people have far been brutally lynched by violent mobs in broad day light in the country over the allegations of cow slaughter, of which the first case where the accused were punished was Alimudhin Ansari’s case. The punishment given to them has brought hope of justice and relief to the families of the victims while giving a clear warning to the fanatic mobs who have become a threat to the life of cattle traders and minorities. The Jharkhand High Court decision to grant bail to them will only encourage cow terrorism and mob lynching further. Meanwhile the meeting condemned Union Minister Jayant Sinha for felicitating the convicts at his residence after their release. It has been proved that most of the cow terrorism incidents were instigated by Sangh Parivar sponsored cow protection gangs and BJP functionaries were involved in many such cases. The government has always washed their hands off the increasing number of such brutal mob killings calling them merely aberrations of isolated nature. But a union minister felicitating criminals convicted for lynching an innocent Muslim, is not only the endorsement of the inhuman act but also giving the impression that the criminals have government backing for their crimes.

Demands Kerala Government to stop repressive measures

The National Executive Council of Popular Front expressed deep concern over the anti-democratic and repressive measures being adopted by LDF government in Kerala against the activists of Campus Front of India and Social Democratic Party of India after the tragic death of an SFI leader in a campus clash. The state police instead of conducting a fair and full investigation about the circumstances that led to the loss of life and to bring the culprits before law, is acting as a tool of CPM to fulfill its agenda of eliminating political opponents and demonizing newly emerging voices of dissent from among the marginalized sections. The name of Popular Front of India is unnecessarily being dragged into the issue with the ulterior motive of communal polarization for electoral gains. Unfortunately, a section of the media is blowing up the incident out of proportions as if it is first and only one incident of campus violence so far in Kerala. We call upon LDF state government and CPM leadership to refrain from the ugly agenda of communalizing the incident and to stop police witch-hunt of neo social movements.

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