School Kits distribution program at Dargah vasat in Khadki at Pune

School Kits distribution program was held at Dargah vasat area in Khadki at Pune on saturday 28th June 2014, by Popular front of India.
On this occasion Mr.Mohammed Khan state president of Popular front Maharashtra, Mr.Ilyas patel SDPI Maharashtra State Vice President, Mr.Selvaraj Anthony social activist, Mr.Akbar Patel Indian Muslim front, Mr.Aslam Bagwan social activist, Mr. Raju Tilak SDPI Khadki division member, Mr. Aslam Sayyed SDPI Pune District president and Mr. Abdul Karim Shaikh Popular front Pune Dist Secretary were present on the stage.

Mohammed Khan delivered the key note. During his speech he introduced the activities of Popular Front in last quarter and asked the people to come forward for supporting the noble cause. This is every ones responsibility to make our contribution so that our country will progress rapidly. Popular front strives justice for downtrodden community so that every citizen enjoys the fruits of Freedom, Justice and Security .

Mr. Ilyas Patel explained the importance of education and asked the parents not to leave the responsibility of education of our children only to school teachers, but to ensure our children to study at home also. In this way our children makes good progress in education. Welcome address and Vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Abdul Karim.

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