Popular Front expresses concern over the surge of Hindutva mob lynchings

Popular Front of India of India Chairman E Abubacker has expressed deep concern over the surge of anti-Muslim violence in different states from the very beginning of the new BJP government.
Despite the assurances given by Prime Minister immediately after the declaration of election results about removing fear from minorities and winning their trust, mob lynchings by Hindutva goons in the country are alarmingly on the rise. After BJP’s landslide victory, attacks and killings of Muslims commuters and labourers are repeatedly reported from various states. Muslims are picked up, abused and attacked.

It is ironical that on the very day Indian External Affairs Ministry rejected US State Department’s 2018 International Religious Freedom Report which affirmed the continuance of violence against minorities in India, Tabrej Ansari, a 24-year-old Muslim from Jharkhand died of injuries he sustained from a brutal beating and torture by communal fanatics. Calling such violence as just mob lynching is misleading. They are people who belong to Sangh Parivar or at least mobs influenced by their anti-Muslim ideology. Hindutva fanatics who carry out these attacks are highly organized, armed and enjoy impunity and protection of those in power. The culprits force victims to chant Jai Shriram. Tabrej Ansari was continued to be tortured despite his compliance to their demands. The government which is usually very quick in responding to even minor accidents is completely silent when it comes to the Hindutva attacks on Muslims. When Modi immediately responded to the collapse of a Ram Katha pandal in Barmer in Rajasthan, he maintains studied silence about repeated mob attacks on Muslims.
On other hand, the opposition parties also hesitate to address the Muslim security issue thereby betraying secular principles.

E. Abubacker warned that it is the constitutionally mandated duty of a government to ensure the safety of all citizens, and in its absence, the entire country will be pushed into chaos.