6 Muslims Lynched by a Mob at Jamshedpur – Fact Finding Team Enquiry Report

The report of the fact finding enquiry conducted by the team of Popular Front of India at Shobhapur Village of Jamshedpur where 6 Muslims were lynched to death by a mob “We, a team of eight activists, first held a meeting before we decided to leave for the Shobhapur village where the said incident, that 6 six Muslims were lynched to death by a large violent mob accusing the victims of being child abductors, took place. The taxi driver we first approached, in the beginning, refused to take us when he heard the name of the place, and then agreed.Shobhapur is 45 km far from Jamshedpur and comes under Raj Nagar police station. After we traveled some distance, the driver asked to us to get out arguing that the area is very tense and the people throw stones and set fire any vehicle that goes to the place. Therefore We had to hire another taxi. He driver also was not ready to go, but we assured him that we would be responsible if he faces any problem.
We reached the area but we could not enter the village directly. We went straight outside the village and came to see that 150 to 200 people including women had gathered around a temple. We came to know that some BJP leaders had come to assure them that those arrested in the case would be released soon. Then we returned and entered the village passing the police. We sat next to a lonely Masjid in the village and started talk with the villagers. Around 50 to 60 villagers gathered around us. We found them hesitating to share any information. Then we introduced us and gave every assurance to do all we can to help them.
They told us that Naeem and three others Abdulhaleem, Sajjad (Sajju) and Siraj arrived in the village at 4:00 am to meet their relative Murtazaat his house. They came on a four-wheeler. Surprisingly, a mob of more than ten thousand people including men and women with lathees, sticks, petrol, swords had already gathered there, as per the villagers told. Fajar azan was being announced at that time. They were shouting that the four were child-lifters and that they had hidden children in their four-wheeler. They forced Murtaza and the villagers to hand over the four persons to them, else they would set fire the whole village. The villagers made all their efforts but in vain to stop them. Three of them Abdulhaleem, Sajju and Siraj ran to save their lives, who were chased by some people and they were beaten to death after being caught. Murtaza told us that Naeem did not run away and stayed there thinking that he would be spared. The assaulters continuously forced Murtaza to bring Naeem out. At last, he brought him out and they started to beat him brutally. Naeem entered another house to save his life, but they did not stop beating him and looted the house too.
The villagers told that they informed police and the police was passing the time saying that they would reach soon. After about 4 hours the police came but they could not control the mob. The mob set police van and Abdulhaleem’s vehicle on fire.
After being brutally beaten Naeem lost his life. The villagers heard some of the assaulters shouting, “if you kill Muslims, your sins will be washed out.” The villagers are still in fear. We were informed that 154 villages are there, out of which only Shobhapur is a village where Muslims live. There is only one masjid in the whole village. The mob had planned to destroy the whole village.
After that we reached Abdulhaleem’s house in HaldiPokhar village. He was working in Gulf earlier then he returned and started a business of scrap in partnership with Sajjad here in India. Siraj was working with Abdulhaleem as a driver. Naeem was a cattle trader in Odhisa, Jharkhand and West Bengal. Abdulhaleem was lynched on 18th and his body was found by the villagers on 20th. The dead bodies of Sajjad and Siraj were found on the next day. They were killed in Daru Mountain. Sajjad and Siraj had also worked in Gulf.
Sajjad had got married 20 days ago. His father had died two months ago and his mother had died about a year ago. His father-in-law told us that no one came to us before you. We asked him for the FIR copy and his death certificate. We were told that their councilor had these copies. When we consulted him he refused to give the copies saying that 22 people have been booked for the incident out of which 3 have been arrested.
Then we went to Naeem’s house and asked for the FIR copy. Their family gave us the FIR copy. Naeem had left home on 17th. He had bought 25 cows for dairy purpose. He had to return on 18th. His wife talked with him on phone early in the morning. At 9 or 10 o’clock they were informed that Naeem had been lynched in Jamshedpur. Then they reached there. Naeem left behind 3 children.”

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