A Decade of Looking Other way of crime, Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter

Bangalore June 15: Those who have soul will never forget the incident, where an innocent girl was first kidnapped, then murdered in a fake encounter to get some medals and accolades from a government that was habitual to reward such operations. 10 years ago, some innocents were picked up and killed. Officers were rewarded and promoted for implementing the state policy in complete consciousness (as DG Vanzara puts in his words). Justice eludes them till this day. The one who planned and executed this insolent act are still roaming free, while the case has been tied under unending tangle of complicated laws and extensions.

Iqbal Bellare Kanataka state president said Ishrat jahan and others who were killed are the victims of the state terror, but unlike the terror attacks in other places. Here the Martyr girl was named as terrorist, and the actual culprits were given medals , promotions and other perks. It was then the Gujrat witnessed a spree of fake encounters, today there are more than half a dozen IPS level officers in Jail in Gujrat under some or the other case. It’s hard to believe that this did not have the Patronage of the then Home minister who is now occupying one of the highest offices in the country. His non-application of mind in terror related issues has been known to whole world since the day judgement of Akhsardham temple came out.

Yes, it’s hard to expect the Justice when the culprits are ruling. It’s been a decade of betrayal, a decade of injustice and a decade of state terror. It’s been a decade since a innocent girl died for being just poor and Muslim. It was a moment of National shame when this girl had to die and the culprits occupy high offices and are showcased as some sort of revolutionaries.

Abdul Nasar National President spoke on the occasion and said that Campus front of India on the 10th death anniversary of Ishrat Jahan who was killed in a fake encounter (as far as CBI concluded) demands the President of India to take notice of the case personally and get justice to the victims and punish the accused .It is unfortunate and ugly truth of Indian democracy that those responsible for the encounter, instead of being in jail, are occupying high offices in Indian system, yet there is a hope that justice will prevail in this democratic , constitutionally abided country of ours.

Campus front of India will strive and fight for the justice for Ishrath Jahan and for all other women’s of this country, similarly any injustice and any fake encounters will not be tolerated said Abdul Raheem S, Karnataka State Vice President while concluding the program.

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