Withdraw cattle trade restrictions: Popular Front

A statement issued by the National Secretariat meeting of Popular Front of India has demanded complete and immediate withdrawal of the restrictions on cattle trade imposed by the central government. It is an outright anti-people and anti-democratic step which will unilaterally destroy the livelihood of millions of poor people but also further stunt national economy which is already affected by disastrous demonetization. The explanation that there is no ban on cattle trade is just a ploy of to appease people of some Northeastern and Southern states which are reluctant to execute beef ban. The truth is that such restrictions on cattle trade are tantamount to ban on beef since they make it impossible to buy and sell cattle except for farming.
The meeting hailed the order of Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court which issued an interim stay to the implementation of rules banning the sale and purchase of cattle for slaughter as notified by the central government. It also welcomed the Kerala government decision not to execute the Centre’s ban on beef in the state. They go with the sentiments of the people and interests of the nation.
Meanwhile, the meeting criticized the kind of absurd comments coming from prestigious courts and judges such as the one from Rajasthan High Court judge which said peacocks don’t have sex and they reproduce through tears. Similar is the judgment of a Division Bench of Kerala High Court which invalidated the marriage of a 25-year-old Muslim girl on the ground that her parents were not present at the function. Such judgments make mockery of our judicial system and they are motivated by subjective factors other than concern for justice.
The meeting held responsible the BJP and its government in UP for the attacks on Dalits by Takur community members in Saharanpur. It is shocking that at Bijnor a Muslim lady travelling in train was raped by CRPF man. Frequent incidents of atrocities against Dalits and Muslims in UP under the new government proves that law and order situation is not under control; instead it is at the mercy of Hindutva goons.
The meeting strongly condemned the lynching of four innocent Muslims by violent mob in Jharkhand accusing them as child kidnappers while the police stood watching. Increasing number of such attacks is the result of an environment of hatred against Muslims prevailing in the country on account of the fanatic rhetoric of the fascist forces. The meeting demanded that all those involved in the inhuman act including the police officers be brought to book and compensation be paid to the families of the bereaved.
Chairman E Abubacker presided over the meeting. Vice Chairman OMA Salam, General Secretary M Muhammed Ali Jinnah, National Executive Council members EM Aburahiman, Abdul Wahid Sait and KM Shereef participated.

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