Recent election results reflect people’s sentiment against BJP rule; Provide lessons for secular parties

Popular Front of India Central Secretariat meeting, in a resolution, has stated that recent Assembly election results in Karnataka and by election results in some states provide lessons for the secular political formations in the country and underlines the message that their survival as an alternative to BJP lies in their unity and broad alliance building.

The willingness expressed by Congress and JDS in Karnataka to stay together setting aside their differences for the larger good of the people against fascist forces is exemplary. Had they managed such an alliance before the poll, they could have delivered a very big blow to BJP in the state. The by-election results in UP reflects people’s dissatisfaction and disillusionment with ‘maximum fanaticism, minimum governance’ style of Chief Minister Yogi Adithyanath. The defeat of BJP at the hands of a united opposition in Kairana is clear warning against the communal politics of BJP that previously polarized Jats against Muslims in West U. P. The fact that people voted against BJP in most of the Lok Sabha by-polls since 2014 is reflection of the prevailing sentiment in the country against anti-people Modi Government.

Address concerns of farmers

In another resolution the meeting extended support to the farmers’ agitations across the country called by All India Kisan Mahasangh with various demands including remunerative prices for their produce, implementation of the Swaminathan Commission recommendations and farm loan waivers. The meeting urged central and state government to immediately address their concerns.

Hails NBSA warning to Channels

In another resolution the meeting welcomed the warning issued by News Broadcasting Standards Authority to news channels Republic TV, Times Now, India Today and Aaj Tak in the complaints filed by Popular Front of India against defaming the organisation. NBSA has ordered to remove the contents published by both channels denigrating Popular Front of India from YouTube and their websites. The order stated clearly that both channel violated the code of ethics in reporting and published their biased opinions as facts, which amounted to media trial. The order is a blow to the kind of unethical and propagandist journalism introduced in India by these T V channels.

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