People’s Convention opposes ban of organisations in Jharkhand

  The People’s Convention for Protection of Democracy by Alliance for Justice and Peace (AJP) at Ranchi on 29th April 2018 has demanded the state government to revoke the unjust and undemocratic ban imposed on different organisations and to release large number of activists imprisoned in the state by falsely implicating in cases. 


The day-long programme held at Hotel Ken Hall was attended by hundreds of people belonging to different social groups and organisations.  The programme was presided over by Retired judge of Mumbai High Court Justice Kolse Patil who is the Secretary General of Alliance for Justice and Peace. Justice Patil stated that though Indian constitution gives equal rights to all citizens and classes, the ruling class denies justice to downtrodden and marginalised sections of society.  He called upon people don’t be afraid of speaking out truth and be part of people’s movements to save nation and save democracy. 


AJP secretary Mohammed Shafi expressed anguish over the ban of 16 organisations and imprisonment of about 4000 innocents in the state.  He said that such injustices will continue if people are not questioning such wrong steps. Dr. Tasleem Rahmani who is the national committee member of AJP told that people’s organisations and their leaders are targetted and dubbed as extremist, terrorist and antinational because they dared to question the ant-people state policies.  


Maulana Dr. Talha Nadvi welcomed the gathering.  Nadeem Khan conducted the proceedings.  Those who spoke in the convention include the following:  Ansar Indori (National Committee member,  NCHRO),  Anil Anshuman (Spokesperson CPI-ML), Prof Javed Ahmed (Ranchi University), Mr Rakesh Vipakalvi (State Secretary, CPM), Prem Chand Murmur (President, Adivasi Budhijivi Samaj), Ramdev Vishwabandhu (Dalit activist), Advocate A K Rashidi (Member, Jharkhand Bar Council),  Babi Turi (wife of jailed activists Damodar Turi), Abrar Ahmed (President, Anjuman Islamia Jharkhand),  Parbhakar Nag (President, Jharkhand Adivasi Vikas),  M L Singh (State president, Bank Employees Federation of India),  Anwar Aziz (Jharkhand Andolan).


A few resolutions were adopted at the end of the convention.  The convention demanded immediate lifting of the ban imposed on several people’s organisations by the state government under Criminal Law Amendment Act including Popular Front of India (PFI) and Masdoor  Sangathan Samiti (MSS) which were banned in the state very recently. The convention also adopted other resolutions demanding the release of about 4000 persons who are jailed in the state as part of political vendetta and arrest of all who are involved in communal hate propaganda and mob lynching incidents. 


A state level committee was formed to initiate AJP activities in Jharkhan at the end of the convention with Maulana Dr. Talha Nadvi as convener and Ramdev Vishwabandhu, Prem Chand Murmur and Nadeem Khan as Joint Conveners. 


Earlier a Press Conference was addressed in Ranchi by AJP leaders Justice Kolse Patil, Mohammed Sahfi and Dr. Tasleem Rahmani in Ranchi on 27th to announce the People Convention.   Alliance for Justice and Peace  (AJP) was formed on 15-16 Oct 2017 in Mumbai  in a national convention attended by various social groups and NGO activists from all over the country.   Retired Supreme Court judge Justice P B Savant is the president and Maulana Khaleelur Rahman Sajjad Nomani is the Working President.  Justice Kolse Patil is the Secretary General.  




On this date of 29th April 2018 this People’s Convention for Protection of Democracy under the aegis of Alliance for Justice and Peace chaired by retired Justice Kolse Patil, Secretary General of AJP,   unanimously resolve  Ranchi Declaration as follows:


  1. That BJP ruled Jharkhand State Govt is working against the democratic norms and wishes of the people by banning 16 public movements and crushing the voices of voiceless particularly tribes, SCs, backwards,  minorities. This house unanimously demands to lift the ban from all such democratic lawfully registered organisations like MSS, PFI and others.
  2. State government has arrested thousands of social activists who were carrying democratic movements guaranteed by the constitution of India to protect the fundamental rights of downtrodden, discriminated, oppressed classes. They are well within the rights to carry out such movements. So such arrests are unlawful, illegal and tantamount to deny the democratic rights of the people. This house unanimously demands to release immediately all such activists unconditionally. 
  3. It is noted that Jharkhand state has seen largest number of mob lynching by the cow terrorists.  The victims are not compensated adequately at one hand at the other hand perpetrators of these heinous crimes are either not arrested or booked under insufficient laws which ultimately will let them go scot free. This house unanimously demand to book the culprits under adequate laws in the interest of law of natural justice and victims can get compensated and guilty can be punished. 
  4. Jharkhand is richest state in respect of mineral resources. More than 31 minerals including Gold, silver, copper, bauxite, mica etc. which is more than 40% of national mineral reservoir.   But still population of the state is one of the poorest population of the country only because the people are denied of their right to use the benefits of these resources. Moreover they are even displaced from their own lands and houses in the name of mining.  Their lands are being distributed among big national and international corporate houses neglecting and compromising all land acquisition laws to capture this wealth unlawfully. This house unanimously demands to stop displacement of tribal people and restore and rehabilitate them on their original lands and houses and compensate all their losses in the process of displacement. 
  1. This house feels all the movements for preservation of identities of local people,  be it religious, cultural, traditional, linguistic, must be considered as  constitutional. The Constitution of India admit it as a fundamental right of all the citizens of India to practice, preach and propagate any belief of their choice. So any attempt to deny, dilute or dismiss the identity of indigenous people or changing nomenclature of any such entity is condemned. This house unanimously demand that state govt. to declare exact population  of various tribes, backward classes and castes.

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