Intelligence agencies behind Madurai blasts?

In the past three years more than ten low intensity bomb blasts rocked the Madurai city. This also includes the planting of pipe bomb in the route of L.K.Advani in 2011. The police on the pretext of arresting the culprits enquired more than 350 people from the Muslim community. All these innocents including women were subjected to severe torture and mental pressure. Various social organizations and the Mohalla Jamaths voiced their concern against the illegal arrest and torture.

In November last year, a similar low intensity bomb blast was carried on the parked car of an advocate. The car was slightly damaged in the incident and none were injured. The failure of the police to send the materials for forensic examination raised the eyebrows. In March again yet another bomb blast occurred. This time the target was the two wheeler of Secretary of a local masjid. The intensity was very low that not even the two wheeler was damaged in the blast. Certain section in the media attributed these blasts to the recent CCTV issue.

During last Ramadhan, around 18 CCTV cameras were installed in a masjid in the city and there was disagreement among the committee members over the issue. The media published that this agreement among the members was the reason behind the bomb blasts. The Masjid committee refuted all these charges and the media houses stopped publishing such news items.

Meanwhile, Syed Abdul Kather, an advocate and district president of SDPI advocates’ wing, filed a writ petition in the Madurai branch of Chennai High Court. He alleged that the real culprits behind the bomb blast cases were not arrested and the cases should be handed over to the CBI for a fair investigation. In a major embarrassment to the intelligence agencies, the counsel for the petitioner, Peter Ramesh Kumar and Mohamed Abbas, submitted two communiqués sent by former District SP V. Balakrishnan to his seniors.

The letters sent in March and August last year to the DGP and the ADGP, accused that the informers and head constable Vijaya Perumal of the Intelligence wing of aiding ultras in planting improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

While Inspector Madasamy was about to arrest three persons in these cases, the move was swiftly opposed by the intelligence sleuths. The intelligence unit said that these three persons were their ‘sources’ and could not be arrested. Madasamy was later transferred to another district. The former SP in his letter has also asked for the cancellation of the transfer.

The recent court proceedings have once again raised the question in the manner of the functioning of the intelligence units. The local police allege that the three persons who were to be arrested are still roaming free in the city.

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