Defeat BJP to save the idea of India: Popular Front

A resolution passed by the National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India has appealed to the people to defeat BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha election to save the secular democratic future of the country.
For the past five years, we are having the worst government in our history. The NDA government is an utter failure in every aspect of governance. Never in the history of our country have people suffered so much merely due to the wrong policies of the government and its support to divisive forces. It has failed miserably in proving security to the lives of minorities, Dalits and of those who are opposed to the politics of hate. Several people who questioned Hindutva politics were murdered by hit squads that enjoyed impunity under the government. Many Muslims have been brutally lynched. Process of communalizing educational institutions and the attempts to rewrite history in accordance with Hindutva narrative point to a bleak future.
On the other side, every single promise Modi had made before 2014 election was proved to be hollow. Coming to power offering ‘Ache Din’, he has destroyed the livelihoods of millions through the policies like demonetization and GST and literally brought the country’s economy on the brink of collapse, destroying reputed institutions like Reserve Bank of India. Only corporates and communal fanatics benefited from Modi rule. For the very survival of the country as a secular democratic nation, this nightmare of a government must be thrown to the dust bin of history.
At the same time, the opposition and secular forces in general, even while asking people to unite for saving democracy and constitution, remain weak and divided. Their reluctance to come together and their fight against one another are making things easy for the BJP. Even in the face of a grave threat, they have not been able to evolve a joint election strategy to defeat fascism. However, the presence parties like Social Democratic Party of India that promote an alternate people’s politics against fascism is an encouraging sign.
Popular Front appeals people of India to vote for SDPI wherever their candidates are present. In other constituencies, the meeting called upon the voters to defeat fascism by collectively voting for the secular candidate with highest winning chance. NEC has made it clear that Popular Front would have a lead role to ensure the defeat of communal fascism in all possible constituencies.
Chairman E. Abubacker presided over the meeting. General Secretary M. Muhammed Ali Jinnah, Vice Chairman OMA Salam, Secretaries Anis Ahmed and Wahid Sait, and NEC members Prof. P Koya, Adv. Yussuf Madhurai, Ya Moideen, Muhammed Roshan etc attended the meeting.