Build alliances to save constitutional values Prof Shamsul Islam opens Popular Lecture series

In the context of emerging political scenario, all citizens who value the Idea of India should come forward to preserve and promote the constitutional values of democracy and secularism. Prof Shamsul Islam, a renowned scholar, prolific writer and theatre activist gave this call while talking on the subject ‘Emerging trends of Hindutva politics’ at Popular Front of India headquarters at New Delhi. He further told that it is the responsibility of the Indian Muslim community to play a lead role in building alliances with others for saving India from the clutches of communalism and fascism.
Prof Shamsul Islam who has authored more than 15 books and a lot of articles on Hindutva ideology and movement has enlightened the audience about the historical roots of RSS politics. He cautioned that the difference between Hindu Dharma which has diverse and inclusive manifestations and the aggressive and narrow approaches of Hidutva politics must be clearly understood. It was not Muslims and other religious minorities alone, but the Dalits and Shudras who were primary targets of Brahminical assaults in the past. But now they are being brainwashed and misused as weapons against minorities and progressive sections of the society. At the end of the interactive session Prof Shamsul Islam asserted that while hate politics is capturing all centres of power, the survival of the nation can be realised only through democratic struggles.
Popular Front General Secretary Mohammed Ali Jinnah chaired the meeting. E M Abdul Rahiman introduced the speaker to the audience. Popular Front Delhi state president Pervez Ahamed and secretary Gulpham Husain gave welcome speech and vote of thanks respectively.
The lecture by Prof Shamsul Islam, held on 1st April 2017, was the first programme in the monthly Popular Lecture series planned by the Delhi State Committee of Popular Front. Eminent scholars and lead activists are expected to give lectures on contemporary issues in coming months.

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