Popular Front denies media reports about activities in Jharkhand

Popular Front of India general secretary M. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, in a statement issued today, disapproved the news appeared in certain local news papers that Popular Front of India activities still continue in some parts of Jharkhand even after its ban in the state. He further stated that all members at all units in Jharkhand were directed to stop t activities of the organisation with effect from the date of new ban, even while condemning the government decision as undemocratic.
Mohammed Ali Jinnah continued: “The policy of our organisation is to approach the court for the removal of the ban and to wait till court verdict to resume activities. The allegations quoted in the new ban order were the same as in the earlier ban order which we legally challenged and got revoked by Ranchi High Court. We are hopeful of getting a favourable order again.”
He further stated that legal action would be taken against those news papers which published defamatory news that Popular Front maintains links with terror outfits and that its members are getting regrouped after the ban.