Assam State Committee Declaration

Popular Front of India, the neo social movement working at national level, decided to launch its activities in the State of Assam and constituted an adhoc committee. The committee has formally been come to effect when National General Secretary O.M.A. Salam handed over the Front’s flag to Aminul Haq, the President of the newly constituted adhoc committee, in the People’s convention on Citizenship and Democracy held today at Guwahati.

The constitution of India promises justice, liberty and equality to all its citizens. But the traditional ruling class comprised of the city elites, upper castes, business houses and political families consistently denies equal rights to majority citizens like the village poor, urban slum dwellers, farmers, labourers, tribals, Dalits and Muslims. Hence Popular Front has shouldered the task of empowering all weaker and marginalised sections to realise the ideal of a New India of Equal Rights to All Indians.

The goal of empowering the society and the nation calls for a comprehensive action agenda. Popular Front motivates people at the grass roots to learn, realise and organise themselves to bring about change in self and society. A few areas in which the Front has given particular attention are building self-esteem, self-confidence and sense of security; fight against human rights violations; struggles for social justice; legal support to innocent victims; calamity relief and rehabilitation; supporting primary education; scholarship to poor and meritorious students; empowering women and families; Guiding students and youth, etc.

In Assam, Popular Front will give utmost priority to educational empowerment, relief and rehabilitation of calamity victims and issues related to citizenship and ‘D’ voters. It will try its best to act as a bridge between the government and the poor, making development schemes enjoyable to those who really deserving it.
Abu Shama will be the Secretary of the adhoc committee. Members are Abdul Batin, Basheer ahmed, Rafeequl haq, Buzlul Kareem, Zakir, Farhad Ali, Abdul Khader Jeelani and Juleemudheen. Membership campaign is planned for next three months, followed by formation of District committees. A democratically elected State Executive Council will replace the adhoc committee by the end of this year.

Details of those attended the Press Conference:-
1. O.M.A. Salam, General Secretary, Popular Front of India
2. Mohammed Roshan. P.N, Member, National Executive Council, Popular Front
3. Aminul Haq, President, Assam State adhoc committee, Popular Front
4. Abu Shama, Secretary, Assam State adhoc committee, Popular Front

People’s convention on Citizenship and Democracy
Guwahati: People’s Convention on Citizenship and Democracy was inaugurated by Abdul Muhib Mazumdar, MLA, and Chairperson, Assam State Commission for Minorities. The speakers include O.M.A. Salam, National General Secretary of Popular Front of India, Dr. Kamaluddin Ahmed, Adv. Hafiz Rashid Ahmed Choudhury, Mohammed Roshan, Sherman Ali MLA, Moulana Khalid Rashadi, Prof. Taizuddin Ahmed and Mufthi Farooq Hasan.
After the speech, O.M.A. Salam Salam declared the formation of Assam State Committee of Popular Front and handed over Front’s flag to the President Aminul Haq. Abushama Ahmed welcomed and Azam Khan vote of thanks.

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