Ban in Jharkhand: Popular Front seeks intervention of President and NHRC

In the context of the ban on Popular Front of India by Jharkhand government, General Secretary of the organisation M. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, through a memorandum, has sought immediate intervention of President of India and Governor of Jharkhand to get the undemocratic and unethical ban lifted forthwith.

“As a social movement from the backward minority community,” says the memorandum, “Popular Front’s focus is on developmental activities like literacy, education, public health and comprehensive empowerment of the poor and the downtrodden masses, especially the Muslims.”

Urgent letters were also sent from Popular Front General Secretary to Union Home Minister, Union Law Minister urging them to intervene in the matter as it was a case of violating fundamental rights including minority rights. In addition, Popular Front national leadership has approached National Human Rights Commission, National Minority Commission, Jharkhand Human Rights Commission and Jharkhand Minority Commission through separate memorandum for revoking the Jharkhand ban since it involved violation of freedom of expression and freedom of association as against the provisions of Indian constitution.

Mohammed Ali Jinnah has categorically denied the accusations linking the organization with ISIS. “The allegation of ISIS connection leveled against Popular Front by the state government is devoid of any substance. Popular Front has warned of the danger of mysterious extremist groups like ISIS luring young people through social media and by other means, since the very beginning of its appearance. Time and again we have educated and instructed our members not to get into their trap. This message was conveyed to the public as well on different occasions. Popular Front activities are only within India. The Front neither subscribes to the ideology of any other movement outside or inside the country nor do we have any connection with any organisation in foreign lands. Popular Front has hundreds of thousands of active members across India and none have joined ISIS.” In all the submissions, Popular Front General Secretary has reaffirmed that Popular Front is a democratically and lawfully working Indian movement. “We are a national organisation which respects the Indian constitution and abides by the Indian laws”, he said.

Mohammed Ali Jinnah further stated: “The present ban on Popular Front in Jharkhand is part of the political vendetta unleashed on the organization due to its interventions with regards to human rights violations, hate speeches, mob lynching incidents and police atrocities.” He asserted that there is not even a single valid reason to impose ban on Popular Front of India anywhere in the country.

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