Popular Front demands Rahul Gandhi to explain Congress position on Ayodhya

Popular Front of India chairman E Abubacker has sought an explanation from Congress president Rahul Gandhi on the remarks by AICC General
Secretary Harish Rawat about building Ram temple.

Mr. Rawat has claimed that Congress would try to build Ram Temple in Ayodhya if the party is voted to power in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.
Such an objectionable statement to come from a top leader of the largest secular party in the country is both shocking and disappointing. Since it is the second statement from him of the same nature, it cannot be viewed as a mistake.
It is still not clear whether the Congress party endorses or rejects the remarks by its general secretary. E Abubacker reminded that if Congress president chooses to reject Harish Rawat, the nation wants to know what disciplinary action would be taken against Rawat for openly going against the party policy.