Popular Front National General Assembly concludes; Calls upon citizens to build a wider movement to save the nation and its constitution

The National General Assembly of Popular Front of India which was held for three days in Malppuram district of Kerala concluded with a call to all citizens, classes and civil society groups to build a wider movement for saving our nation and its constitution from communal fascist threats. While lauding the large scale mass participation in peaceful protests against CAA, NRC & NPR which are getting more widespread day by day, Popular Front NGA meeting has reminded that this struggle could not be a short term exercise, but should be the launch of a people’s movement for equal rights and social justice as enshrined in our constitution.

The NGA meeting has adopted few other resolutions also touching upon current situations.

In a resolution, the National General Assembly of Popular Front of India demanded the Central Government to give up its adamant stand on implementing CAA, NRC and NPR. The government should honour the sentiments of the millions of citizens who are on the streets against the law; and instead of mediations, it should revoke the citizenship law that will leave a huge part of citizens stateless by stripping off their citizenship rights.In another resolution the NGA requested to all non-BJP state governments to pass resolutions that they shall not implement CAA/NPR/NRC in the current form in their respective states and prove the sincerity of their stand opposing CAA. The NGA also asked these states to issue Government Order withholding NPR. The NGA of Popular Front also demanded the BJP government at the centre and states to stop using brutal measures on peaceful protesters. The NGA , in another resolution, took exception to the ill-motivated witch hunt and vilification exercises of the BJP government to defame and suppress Popular Front of India, a lawfully working organization; and asked the government and its agencies to stop using oppressive measures and spreading false propaganda against the organization.

The NGA also expressed strong indignation that U P has turned into a police state and called upon the secular groups to raise their voice against the violations of civil rights of the people in the state.

In another resolution, Popular Front NGA condemned U P Sunni Wakf Board decision to accept the land given by government for constructing Masjid and observed that they have betrayed the Muslim community by acting against the sentiments the community.

The NGA also demanded that the central government should initiate steps to recover the economy and the country from destruction and observed that the walls being built up to cover poverty will not hide the fall of economy.

In another resolution adopted in the meeting, the National General Assembly asked the central government to lift the restrictions imposed in Jammu & Kashmir and immediately release the political leaders under house arrest and other political prisoners.

The Assembly condemned the Israeli move to expand the settlements in Palestine before their general elections.

In another resolution, the National General Assembly of Popular Front of India observed that the recent verdict of the apex court that reservation is not a fundamental right would undermine the very concept of reservation and the uplift of backward classes and Dalits. The meeting reminded that saving the reservation provision which is a citizenship right should be part of ongoing citizenship agitations.

The three days Assembly was concluded with the speech of the newly elected chairman O M A Salam re-affirming commitment to the core values of the organisation and seeking support of all colleagues.