Strive together for People’s rights: K M Sharif

New Delhi: Inaugurating the Unity March held at Uduppi Popular Front Chairman K M Sharif asked all the patriotic Indians to join Popular Front’s struggle for social justice and equality. The day is being celebrated all over India by Popular Front members to celebrate 8th anniversary of its formation in 2006 on the same day. Sharif said that Popular Front was formed at a time when communalism tried to hijack Indian Democratic system and posed existential threat to country ‘minorities. Even after 50 years of independence we failed to eliminate poverty and social injustice. Country backward classes and minorities were kept way from centres of power. Majority of the citizens are still below poverty line. Demands for justice were oppressed. Muslims, being a community that paid high price for our freedom, they still hold the capacity to lead the country out of situation.
Popular Front thinks the day is relevant because the politicians and parties have long forgotten their allegiance to the country or its people. Our sovereignty has been submitted before colonialists and economy is being controlled by a tiny ultra rich minority. Popular Front Aims to create a society determined to re-establish the basic values freedom, justice and security and to work for the empowerment of marginalised backward classes.
Posters and pamphlets were widely posted and distributed as part of the celebration. The charming “Unity Marches” volunteer parade by popular front volunteers wearing uniforms held at various city centres in three south Indian stated states were the event of the Day. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in different states.
The organization plans to execute hundreds social empowerment and service programs like village development projects, housing, health, education, family counselling centres, blood donor’s forums and self employment programs in this year. Popular Front has spent nearly nine crores for its educational and economic empowerment programmes in 2013. The organization have largely focused on socio-economic development and have successfully implemented various projects like school kit distribution, single teacher schools, interest -free micro loans, Sarva Shiksha Grams in different states.
The March held at Sangaiyuphm Eidgah ground in Manipur was inaugurated by OMA Salam the National General Secretary. He said that Popular Front’s message of social justice and equity are getting wide acceptance from all part of the country. We are encouraging the weaker sections to get empowered through education and to be aware of their rights. By developing harmony and supporting positive politics Poplar Front is strengthening the democratic process in our country. He asserted that fascism is a National threat and threat to our democratic values. Popular Front will continue to expose the terror face of fascism. He called on the authorities to give due commitment to the needs of people rather than interests corporate and global markets. Salam condemned government attempts to curtail the democratic rights of people by imposing draconian laws like UAPA and AFSPA. Popular Front is proud to say that it is one few organization still in the battle field against such laws. “Popular Front Day” is a day for all Indians, it symbolises people’s struggle to restore the noble values which our forefathers envisioned when they sacrificed their lives.
Unity March held at Alwayi in Kerala was inaugurated by Prof. P Koya vice chairman. The program held at Vengara in Kerala was inaugurated E M Abdurahiman former chairman of the organization.
Unity March held at Ramnadhapuram Tamilnadu was inaugurated by AS Ismail state president of Popular Front.
Popular Front members started the celebrations hoisting its tri-colour flags in the early morning. Around five thousand such flags were hoisted across the country. Rallies, public meeting marches held throughout the country. Popular Front Delhi state committee organized bike rally.

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