Supreme Court judgment undermines the constitutional provision of reservation: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Secretary Anis Ahmed has, in a statement, called the Supreme Court’s latest judgment on reservation to scheduled castes another blow to the constitutional provision for affirmative actions meant for adequate representation of backward classes.

There is already a conspiracy underway to dispense with the system of reservation, a constitutionally stipulated effort for the uplift of the sections of the society who have been made socially and economically backward due to historic reasons. The BJP government led by Narendra Modi has already diluted reservation system by imposing economic criterion on it. At this point the Supreme Court verdict that the courts could not order states to provide quotas and states could not be forced to make such provisions without data showing imbalance in representation is going to strengthen the efforts against reservation. While the objective of reservation, the adequate representation of all sections in power, still remain far from achieved, a judgment such as this can only be viewed an indirect move against reservation. It would further facilitate the central government efforts to destroy it.

In fact such judgements that go against the rights of minorities, OBCs and SC/ST’s comes from the apex court one after the other is a matter of serious concern. Anis Ahmed pointed out that the over-dominance of upper castes and the under-representation of Tribals, Dalits, Backwards and Minorities in higher judiciary could be identified as one of the reasons behind such an alarming trend. He called upon all backward sections to strengthen their struggles for the protection of their right for reservation and representation.