Popular Front of India National Executive Council resolves to continue democratic and legal fight against new round of vilification and witch-hunt

New Delhi: The National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India held at Calicut, in a resolution, has asserted that, along with mobilising masses against discriminations and atrocities, the organization would intensify legal fights against media vilification and police violations. The meeting has strongly condemned the new round of vilification by a section of media and atrocities by
Police in BJP ruled states, particularly in UP.

Post the unprecedented popular outrage and agitations sparked by the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act, few puppet media with the help of certain central agencies have launched an extensive and malicious disinformation campaign full of strange and absurd allegations against Popular Front of India. On a daily basis, people of the country are being bombarded with reports, articles, breaking news referring to this or that central agency. Paradoxically, none of these agencies has yet been able to prove anything anti-national against the organization so far. Initially, it was alleged that Popular Front was behind the anti-CAA violence in Uttar Pradesh and other BJP ruled states. Then allegation was shifted to funding the anti-CAA agitations across the country. There is no other motive behind the present campaign than discrediting and defaming anti-CAA-NRC agitations as well as Popular Front that has always stood consistent againt the divisive agenda of RSS-BJP. The meeting reminded that neither the popular protests nor the Popular Front would get defeated by such arrogant acts.

Hindutva fanatic goons are let free in Delhi

In another resolution the meeting remarked that there is an attempt underway in Delhi and BJP ruled states to scare away the masses agitating against anti-people CAA and NRC. Gun shooting and other extremely violent acts by Hindutva fanatic goons against unarmed protesters are being reported in the national capital under the watchful eye of Delhi police. During the Jamia Nagar shooting, police had enough room to overpower and disarm the shooter, yet they let him fire, seriously injuring a student. At the same time, top Hindutva leaders continue to obliquely support similar violent actions. Within two days another shootings happened and gun-wielding men were found in the areas. The impunity and hero’s reception being offered to such criminals by Hindutva groups and leaders are evidently encouraging more people to follow their way. They are gathering people and threatening to attack peaceful protestors including women and children at Shaheen Bhagh and Jamia Nagar. UP CM Yogi Aditaynath’s remarks of “bullets to terrorists” can only be regarded as the incitement for such attacks. The law and order situation in Delhi is totally ruined. A kind of underworld governance is being promoted to overcome the political crisis that otherwise BJP and RSS cannot overcome through lawful means. Popular Front warned that unless and until the central government fulfills the demands of the protesters, there will not be an end to the crisis.

Stop illegal arrests and police tortures in UP
In another resolution, the meeting condemned unlawful arrests and police harassment still going on in Uttar Pradesh. The state of UP witnessed worst kind of police violence in the recent history of the country. Many people were shot dead, youth in large numbers were tortured, properties worth crores were wantonly vandalized and innocents were falsely implicated and jailed. Organizations like Popular Front were demonized and its leaders were portrayed as “masterminds” of so called anti- CAA violence. However, in the absence of evidence most of them were granted bail and freed from jail. Now reports are coming out from the state that police have started new round of arrests and harassment of innocents. People who are already out on bail are still being pursued and taken into custody by police. Coming to their houses, harassing the family members, and implicating in false cases are being reported from different parts of the state. Popular Front called upon the political parties and civil society groups to raise their voice against the police raj of Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh.

M Mohamed Ali Jinnah
General Secretary,
Popular Front India
New Delhi