Petition filed against police officials by Popular Front accepted by Court

February 3, 2014


Petition filed against police officials by Popular Front accepted by Court

February 17, the foundation day of Popular Front of India is celebrated every year as Popular Front Day and various programmes are conducted to commemorate the day. Last year, Popular Front of India’s Tamil nadu unit decided to conduct a rally and public programme at Trichy. The permission was made to the police officials well in advance. But the police officials created lot of hurdles against this democratic programme.

The police made house visits in Muslim majority areas and enquired about the people who attend the programmes conducted by Popular Front of India. The police also made unwarranted enquiries in the houses of the District functionaries of the movement. The police also indulged in erasing the wall advertisements, remove the posters, taking the people who stick the bills to police stations, threatening the vehicle owners who are to bring the people to the program, enquiring people who attended the programme and also enquiring the students studying in Muslim colleges. Everything was done against a programme that was conducted on democratic lines.

Popular Front’s District Secretary Safiullah had made a complaint against the police atrocities to the Home Secretary and D.G.P. office. But no action was taken on this complaint. The District Secretary later filed a petition in the Madurai Bench of the Chennai High Court against Trichy police commissioner Shailesh Kumar and twelve other police officials. Judge M.M. Sundaresh has accepted this petition and has instructed the concerned officials to submit their reply.


S. Illyas,

State Secretary,

Popular Front of India,

Tamil Nadu

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