Popular Front condemns US immigration ban on Muslim countries

Popular Front of India Chairman E Abubacker has strongly condemned the executive order of US president Donald Trump banning immigration of people from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Yemen. He said that this travel ban on people belonging to Muslim dominated countries is an insanely racist decision and stands diametrically in opposition to the principles of religious liberty, equality and pluralism that America has been boasting the country stands for.
These white racists who are taking over US should not forget that they themselves are immigrants from Europe. Had the indigenous people of American lands been half as racist as these people are now, not a single white American would have been living there today. It is also noteworthy that all the seven countries included in the list are victims of unethical interventionist foreign policy of successive US governments. Millions were bombed out of existence and remaining majority was turned into refugees in a matter of few years in these countries due to economic blockades and military interventions of the West. Most of these Arab-Muslim countries, now war torn and hence poor, were independent and economically and socially stable before American onslaughts.
Still, it is hopeful that people with ethics and love for humanity have challenged and spoken out against this despotic move both inside the country and outside. E Abubacker asked the people of America and international community to pressurise Trump regime to withdraw from such crazy moves. He also urged the people and governments of Muslim world to challenge the open humiliations imposed upon them by the new US regime on their faith and dignity by taking most appropriate steps.

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