Popular Front State General Assembly demanded reservation for Muslims in legislatures

Popular front of India AP’s State General Assembly demanded reservation for Muslims in legislatures. It also demanded all the main stream political parties to give good representation for Muslim and the other downtrodden in the coming Lok Sabha and Assembly elections.

                The State General Assembly was held  on 4th and 5th January 2014 in Mubarak function palace in Nandyal , Kurnool district, AP. The General Assembly was attended by the State Executive Council members and various district leaders of the organisation. Mr. KM Shareef ,  the  Chairman of  Popular Front of India, Mr. Hameed  Mohammed,  Mr. Anish Ahmed, national executive members attended the General Assembly as Chief  Guests.

                Mr. KM Shareef call upon the community leaders to work restlessly for achieving total empowerment of Muslims and the other downtrodden. The State General Assembly had unanimously passed the following seven resolutions:   

  1. Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) & other black laws are mostly implemented on minority communities and to dismantle progressive movement working for social upliftment of backward communities and it is also a threat to Indian democracy. The SGA unanimously demands the central & the state government to repeal UAPA and other black laws.
  1. As per the findings of Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission, Muslims are most backward in all fields of life in this country including political strengthening. Hence the SGA demands the Government to formulate laws to provide reservation for Muslims in the Legislatures. The SGA also demands all the mainstream political parties to give proper representation to Muslims and the other downtrodden in the forthcoming Parliament & Assembly Elections and support for their political empowerment.
  1. Gujarat State Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi who has been criticised by all in the past for being responsible for the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat in the year 2002 is now being focussed as the Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP & NDA. A fake propaganda of Modi’s model of development is being severely propagated. The SGA demands all the citizens of this nation to get aware and stop this unfit person by utilising the power of vote from assuming the seat of Prime Minister of India.
  1. The SGA demands the central & state government to safe guard the Wakf Properties and stop illegal acquisition of wakf properties by land mafias & corporate sector. The SGA also demands the state government to strengthen the State Minorities Commission by expanding its limits & powers there by supporting the cause of all round development of Muslims & other minorities in the state.
  1. The SGA demands the State Government to strive hard for promoting communal Harmony in the State. Take strong measures to safe guard the Religious Institutions belonging to different communities.
  1. The SGA demands the State Government to raise the quota of Minorities in the annual budget 2014-15 up to rupees three thousand crores and assure the complete utilization of the budget quota sanctioned in the year 2013-14.    

     7. The SGA demands the central & State governments to take strict measures for the eradication of social evils such as dowry system, alcohol, drugs etc., Through in general public by various                  means and by formulating and implementing strict rules.

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