Merger Declaration

Merger Declaration

Friday, August 14th, 2009

It was also historic that the caravan that originated and sprouted from this part of Kerala, Calicut has completed a circle and returned to a Grant Public Meeting at the same place. PFI chairman Abdul Rahiman made a thrilling declaration of merger of four other organizations from Goa, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Manipur with PFI on the occasion. Along with N.D.F of Kerala, M.N.P. of Tamil Nadu, K.F.D of Karnataka, four other organizations are also joining with Popular Front: Citizen’s Forum of Goa, Community Social and Educational Society of Rajasthan, Nagarik Adhikar Suraksha Samithi of West Bengal, Lilong Social Forum of Manipur.

The Calicut declaration called upon Muslims to take initiative for a political movement that treasures democracy and social and economic justice equality. It should be an authentic and sincere movement to uphold social justice and moral precepts. And Popular Front of India will take initiative for such a movement, the declaration said. It was read out by Y. Sayeed, vice chairman PFI, in Malyalam and Prof. Koya, NEC member of PFI, in English.

The National Political Conference propagated the message of “Positive Politics for Political Empowerment”. The slogan of “Power to People” reached the hearts of millions of people all over the country. The conference marked a new beginning of people’s politics which will ultimately lead to the total empowerment of India. The dream of “New India of Equal Rights to all Indians” was now an achievable dream the depressed classes have always cherished since independence.

The conference also marked with the get-together of social activists, human rights defenders, Ulema, women, students, media persons and political activists

Various issues related to Political Empowerment of the marginalized sections were positively discussed with a firm determination to strive for a change. The National Political Conference was beginning of a revolution in the lives of millions of deprived sections . The conference was beacon of hope for the marginalized sections to come forward and struggle for justice and equality. 
1 Thaeedhul Islam, Persident, West Bengal, Popular Front

2. Hafiz Haneef, Persident, Rajasthan, Popular Front

3. K.A. Latheef, Persident, Karnataka, Popular Front

4.  V.P. Nazeerudheen, Persident, Kerala, Popular Front

5. E.M. Abdur Rahman, Chairman, Popular Front of India

6. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Persident, Tamilnadu, Popular Front

7. Mohammed Ifthiyaz, Persident, Goa, Popular Front

8.  Moulana Kaleemullah Rashadhi, Persident, Andra Pradesh, Popular Front

9. Mohmmed Khalid, Persident, Manipur, Popular Front