Media analysis of political cases underlines misuse of central agencies against critics: Popular Front

Press Release | New Delhi – 24 December 2021

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has stated that the media revelations about the political cases in the country underline the widespread allegation of the Centre’s misuse of investigation agencies against opposition parties and critics of the government.

NDTV’s revelation that central agencies have targeted 570 individuals and organisations under the Modi government is not surprising. It only underlined the widespread allegation that the Centre has been misusing investigation agencies like NIA, CBI, and ED against its critics and opposition parties. Almost all the small and big parties have been targeted in this manner under BJP rule to an extent that has never happened in the history of the country. Every time the government came under criticism such targeting increased to divert people’s attention from the real issue.

The Popular Front of India is also a victim of such targeting. The ED and NIA have been harassing the organization under the pretext of the investigation of such bogus cases. The draconian PMLA, UAPA, and NIA Acts and politicisation of the agencies are undermining the democratic process by silencing dissent.

Popular Front appeals to the judiciary to intervene and demand an explanation from the government. The opposition parties and civil society should abandon their silence and rise before all are silenced permanently.

Director, Media & PR – Popular Front Headquarters, New Delhi