Popular Front condemns Delhi Police raid on the residence of Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan

In a statement issued today, Popular Front Chairman OMA Salam has strongly condemned the raid by Delhi Police on the residence of Dr.Zafarul Islam Khan who is the chairman of Delhi Minority Commission.

“This action by the Delhi Police has crossed all limits of civil decency. The Police is being used by the BJP government to harass and crush any type of dissent.

It is actually a very shameful situation that just a statement by a respected person bearing a statutory position becomes a pretext for police raid in his residence. There is no logical explanation for the raid. It can be clearly understood that such an act is only carried out to harass Dr. Khan and give a warning to others who are critical of the policies of central government.”

O M A Salam called upon the civil society to strongly condemn this authoritarian act of raid and stand in solidarity with Dr. Khan.